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Another winter classic, vegetable soup of your improvisation. Actually no need to give recipes for this soup, just improvise. Add in all the veggies in your fridge and chop them. To give a little starch to it adds in left over pasta (just boiled), rice or potatoes.

Enrich it with your favorite spices, oregano, turmeric, rosemary (be mindful while you use thyme or rosemary, you do not want to overuse to have a bitter taste) I generally put a lot of veggies, chop them all, cook the portion needed and prepare veggie medley packages for next round of soup to be put in the freezer. Save some time for yourself and do not let the earth’s goodies to waste. Another great idea is not to throw sides, roots of veggies you use and use them in your soup.


3 chalks of celery sliced

4 chalks of kale cut

1 onion diced

1 carrot diced

1 cup of chopped cabbage

3 tbs rice

3 spoons canned dice tomatoes or 3 fresh tomatoes

3 tbs of Extra Virgin olive oil

2 cloves of garlic

Spices of your choice (turmeric, oregano, black pepper, chili…)

Sea Salt



Place the garlic and onion in olive oil in a soup pot. Stir and cook in the slow heat for 3 minutes and add the tomatoes. If your tomatoes are fresh cook until the water is evaporated. Then add all the rest of the ingredients and fill up with water until it covers the vegetables. (You can always manage the amount of water, whether you want it to be more soup like or more casserole like) Cook in the slow heat until the rice and carrots are soft. You can blend it with a hand blender or serve it like that.

Buon Apetite…