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Okras are one of my obsessions. There are not variety of Okra recipes in Turkish cuisine.So I like to experiment around Okras. Beside oven cooked garlic okras which is one of my favourites I start liking this one as well:


1/2 pounds Okra (buy soft and big ones)

1 tomato chopped fine in a food processor

1 clove of garlic ,minced

1 tbs extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup mozzarella or any other left over hard cheese , grated

1) Clean the tops of okra, wash and drain them well. With a sharp knife make a cut on one side. Coat them with olive oil.

2) Mix garlic, tomato and cheese and fill in the okras.

3) Place them on an oven tray with cooking paper. Cook at 400 F until they are slightly golden and soft.

Buon Apetite