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We do not use baby spinach in Turkish cuisine which I think is a pity. Because I love spinach salad and raw baby spinach. One of my favourite salad is baby spinach, feta cheese and spring onions. Just add pepper and olive oil on it !!! For cooking however I prefer the real , big leaves of spinach with  the roots . Because the roots makes the best recipe ever!!  

You can find the warm spinach recipe in "Warm your heart" part.

The most important thing for this tasty recipe is washing the roots well. Otherwise you will have the crunchy sensation of sand in them while chewing. Does not help with  kidney stones as well!!

First cut the last 3 cm of spinach stems towards the roots. The rest of the spinach will go to another recipe of course!!!

To wash them properly first clean the hairs around the roots , then use a small knife to cut the root into four horizontal pieces. This is  done by cutting them into a shape of plus at the very end of the spinach root. Then leave them in water for 15 minutes and drain. Wash hem under the running water  one by one once and then leave them again in the water for 10 minutes. Actually you can feel the sand in your hands while washing. Make sure it is clean. It is also good not to buy spinach full with soil and sand already, Depending on the season and condition they can  be really muddy.


Roots of 1 bunch of spinach (Cleaned and washed well)

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1 clove of garlic grated  (you can have two cloves if you are a fan of garlic like me :))

2 table spoons of Extra virgin olive oil

himalayan salt

some dried paprika to garnish

  • Just steam the roots until they turn soft but not loosing the bright green colour.
  • Mix the rest of the ingredients to a sauce and  add on the steamed roots and cover.
  • You can serve it warm or cold . 

Buon Apetite!