Fine Mediterranean Turkish Food Catering Vancouver BC Online Orders

When you order for an event, you might need a guideline how to order sufficient amount of food for your guests. The amount of food will vary according to the concept of your event , the time of your event and the group of people you are serving to.  Here are some basic guidelines :


  • The menus designed in quantities that would be sufficient for  5-6 or 10-12  servings. If you have 20 guests coming to your breakfast party you can simply order 2 of 10-12 servings option. 

Quick & Easy: 

  • This is the only option that you need to send us a request form instead of ordering directly, because you can actually personalize your orders. Quick & Easy option is designed mostly for your corporate events, lunches or quick dinner solutions for the office. 
  • You can ask us to portion them in a personal meal size , separately, according to personal preferences or you can serve them on a buffet as  mixed panini /wrap trays with accompanying salads. 
  • For Quick&Easy please fill in a Request or Design Me A Menu form and we will get back to you with the best solution. 

Party Platters / Spreads & Dips

  • These are the best options for a wine party or a happy hour . The available sizes are for 5-6 or 10-12 servings. One platter with one or two spread or dip would  be enough to entertain  your guests.

Reception Style

  • You can order reception style menus for cocktail parties , chic dinner receptions , shortly whenever you would like to serve great tasting and good looking food. The food is single portioned in canapé style. Depending on the type we prepare for 1-2 per person from each item you order. Suggestions are:
  • 1 hour cocktail party for 10..... order 4-5 types of hot or cold finger food 2x for 5-6 serving size ( pre dinner cocktail )
  • 3 hours cocktail style reception for 10...... order 8-10 types of hot or cold finger food 2 or 3  x for 5-6 serving size
  • Please reach us with " Design me a Menu" form to guide further with the right quantities for your order.

Buffet Style

  • Here you can have more freedom , but still need to be careful about to order the right amount of food. 
  • Your buffet could have :
    • Two types of salad
    • Two types of cold starters
    • One or two type of meat/fish/chicken entrees
    • One hot starchy sider
    • One hot  vegetable sider
  • If you have the above variety and number of plates , it would be enough to order according to the number of your guest. Option are 5-6 or 10-12 servings.


When you order desserts please pay attention to the size guides on the product features , some desserts like Japanese Cheese cake comes as a whole cake so you can portion it yourself. The cups or puddings are per person sizes and if you order 5-6 you get 6 servings.

One of My Sunny Bites' passions is to provide Healthy Snacks to make our lives healthier. Healthy Snacks are all prepared gluten free and whole foods are used in their simplest form. We stay away from highly refined flours and sugars. We use lots of super foods like avocados, nuts, coconut, cocoa, chia seeds, hemp ...

The orders are taken weekly basis , you choose 5 varieties and we deliver your pack every Monday. We supply enough snacks for a week for 4 persons.