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It all starts with your own will to change for better. There are many little things that could make you healthier, few life style changes, some dietary novelties , maybe new hobbies...

Which ever the way is I am ready to help you to design better choices for yourself. Coaching you to a healthier and happier life would be my ultimate goal while working with you. 

Nutrition is the key factor to adjust many health problems and to prevent the upcoming ones. We can design together an optimal nutrition plan according to your health goals, your unique metabolism and your nutritional needs specific to your age and gender. Changes will be small , realistic and not hard to follow. 

We start with a detailed analysis of your current health status as an initial consultation where we establish our goals and action plan. The follow-up visit is to discuss the progress and set further targets and the ways to reach them. 

Initial Consultation - 60 min    $ 80  "could be done in person or via Skype where we discuss through your current health status, your concerns, needs and goals  with the guidance of the filled intake form"

Follow-up visit - 30 min $ 40 "we analyze together your progress and set new goals, action plans"

Food diary - 120 $ " 7 days food diary planned according to your and needs, recipes designed with nutrient dense food choices that will help to reach your health goals"

Nutribody Assessment - 70 $ " This is a tool that is used to assess your symptoms to define the nutritional deficiencies in your body "

Heal Me Package- 250 $ " A full package that covers all of the above services"

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