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 Finger Foods

Cold Appetizers

Feta cheese bites on water melon

Cherry tomatoes and fresh cheese with parmesan biscuits

Cheese ball varieties

Cheery tomatoes and bocconcini bites

Cucumber cups with fresh herb yogurt

Mini prawn cocktail

Guacamole Shrimp wonton cups

Asian Shrimp wonton cups


Bilinis with salmon caviar

Blue cheese bilinis with pear

Artichoke and fava beans cups

Mini pilaki bean jars

Salmon crepe rolls

Bacon and Swiss cheese rolls

Mini Peking duck bites

Caramelized onions stuffed eggplants

Mini 3 layer cups (guacamole, hummus, red bean paste topped with parmesan)

Feta cheese stuffed paprika


Roasted veggies medley with tomato sauce and garlic yogurt sauce

Red lentil balls with herbs

Spicy bulgur balls 

Mixed Parmesan Biscuit Canepes

Pastrami Wraps

Aromatic Rice stuffed mussels


Warm appetizers


Zucchini bites

Pita cups with spinach and feta cheese

Pita cups with paprika and feta cheese

Mini Feta Cheese Triangles

Stuffed Mushrooms

Dolmades with ground beef and yogurt sauce

Eggplant rolls with beef

Meatball medallions

Vegetarian Phyllo dough triangles

Eggplant tartlets

Leek and potato tartlets

Mushroom beef kebabs

Thai Satay Steaks


Ginger Honey Chicken kebab

Beef steak rolls with veggies

Flatbreads – Cheese – mini mozzarella – caramelized onions and goat cheese and arugula

Mushroom crepes with camembert and caramelized onions

Broccoli Tots

Salmon Burgers with Avocado salsa

Barbeque Teriyaki Beef

Cauliflower tots

Crab cakes

Mini Aromatic meatballs with cherry tomatoes

Tartlets with Green peas

Stick pastries with Feta cheese

Cheese Stuffed Okras


Impress your guests with our elegantly presented, delicious and beautiful finger foods.

Dishes are served on trays, which can be carried by staff, or left as a buffet. Finger foods are prepared fresh to order.

Each dish comes in 2 sizes: 5-6 or 10-12 servings

We are happy to supply drinks too, just ask.

We deliver to your door, in high quality disposable serving dishes ready to be served. We can also provide crockery, napkins etc – just ask

If you want an elegant party, we will present all dishes in chic serving ware (porcelain-wood-pottery-silverware). Please get in touch for an estimate.

Warm items are delivered in proper ware, to be warmed either in microwave or oven with instructions.

We can also set-up, serve, supervise and tidy up for you. Tick the box when placing your order and we’ll give you a quote.

To get a tailor made quote for a perfect evening, please click here