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Eggs are the most perfect superfood out there. When made with the sun ripe tomatoes this recipe is the best egg recipe ever. It is easy to prepare and you can try it with canned tomatoes as well even tough the result would not match the fresh ones. 

Eggs are the highest quality of protein and has all the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities. They are low in calories but high in Vitamin B types, choline and lutein which is important for brain and eye health. 



2 ripe tomatoes , peeled, and cut in little cubes

3 eggs

extra virgin olive oil

small piece of feta cheese (optional)

bunch of parsley, chopped

himalayan salt (do not add salt if you use feta cheese)

freshly grinded  black pepper

In Turkey we add green peppers in it but we do not find that pepper variety here in Canada. 

If you use canned tomatoes pulse them to make smaller pieces. 

In a pan heat the olive oil . Add tomatoes and cook them until their water evaporates in slow heat. Add the eggs and mix it . Stir it until the white parts of the eggs cooked but do not dry it . Turn down the heat and add the feta cheese in pieces and mix. Serve to the plates and sprinkle with parsley and black pepper.