Fine Mediterranean Turkish Food Catering Vancouver BC Online Orders

Order now to feed your family with healthy snacks.

We prepare freshly  every week and deliver to your door :

No Refined sugars, only honey , maple syrup, agave ,organic cane syrup, organic brown rice syrup is used.. 

Whole foods are used for their better fibre content.

Most of the snacks are gluten free, oats used in some, gluten free oat flour is used in some . 

They are all dairy free.

There are vegan, vegetarian and nut free snacks. Please check their contents by clicking on the picture. 

Order your weekly snack supply , pick up to five favourite varieties. We deliver them to your door, freshly made...Or you can simply pick your favourites and order them in desired quantities. 

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for delivering all the yummy snacks.They are so delicious and I love the healthy ingredients and low sweetness!!!
Although they’re all amazing, our favourites are the sunflower cookies, the power bars and the chia puddings!
I will definitely order again!

Kathy Merabian, MA, RCC, CPF
Registered Clinical Counsellor