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Buffet Style Turkish Mediterranean

Cold Starters

Mediterranean Style Eggplant Salad

Fava Beans paste with pine nuts and roasted cherry tomatoes

Artichoke bottoms with green peas, carrots and potatoes


Tabulleh with tomato sauce (Kısır)

Spicy tomato salad with walnuts and paprika (Gavurdağ)

Romano Beans Pilaki 

Caramelized Stuffed  Eggplant (Imam Bayıldı)

Red Lentil Balls with herbs (Mercimekli köfte)

Roasted veggies Medley with tomato and garlic yogurt sauce (Karışık kızartma)

Bulgur Balls (Etsiz çiğ köfte)

Yogurt with herbs and spices (Haydari)

Hummus with pine nuts


Eggplant Salad (Meyhane Usulü)

Navy bean salad with onions

Greek salad with olives and feta cheese

Warm appies and entrees

Zucchini bites (Mücver)

Feta Cheese Triangles (Muska Börek)

Smoked eggplant puree with beef ın tomato sauce (Hünkar Beğendi)

Eggplant rolls with beef (Islim kebabı)

Beef stuffed eggplants (Karnıyarık)

Zucchinis with chicken and cheese

Smoked Eggplant puree with beef in tomato sauce (Hünkar Beğendi)

Sole screwers  with veggies (Dil Balığı şiş)

Rice with nuts and spices (İç pilav)


Fine dining Turkish cuisine is a mouth-watering delight for all the senses. Rich spices, unexpected textures, vibrant colours, flavours that sing…. You and your guests will be transported to the warm and sensual near Orient.

We can design a buffet with exceptional Turkish dishes or you can have the best of both: Turkish and International favourites.

There’s so much more to Turkish food than Turkish delight, we currently offer over 135 dishes! Let’s chat about your event. To get a tailor made quote for a perfect evening, please click here (link takes you to Design Me a Menu).

Each dish comes in 2 sizes: 5-6 or 10-12 servings 

We are happy to supply drinks too, just ask.

We deliver to your door, in high quality disposable serving dishes ready to be served. We can also provide crockery, napkins etc – just ask

If you want an elegant party, we will present all dishes in chic serving ware (porcelain-wood-pottery-silverware). Please get in touch for an estimate.

Warm items are delivered in proper ware, to be warmed either in microwave or oven with instructions.

We can also set-up, serve, supervise and tidy up for you. Tick the box when placing your order and we’ll give you a quote.

To get a tailor made quote for a perfect evening, please click here