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Breakfast menus


o   West coast light

 Muffins, Scones, Croissants, Bagels

 House made Gluten-free granola bars

 Gluten free chocolate doughnuts

 Chia, oat, almond, raisins with almond milk pudding

 Granola with milk

 Fresh assorted fruits

 Pancakes with fresh berries, maple syrup and avocado chocolate spread

 Warm wraps with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and cheddar cheese

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we often think that caterers only supply power breakfasts for corporate events. Of course we do, but we also believe that breakfast is the perfect occasion for a party, a girly get-together, a family reunion, a hen do…

We offer 2 types of breakfast: the traditional West Coast light and the more exotic Sunshine Stories. Sunshine Stories is a Turkish style menu. You can also mix & match to create a brunch style menu.

A Turkish breakfast is a protein rich, health way to start the day. 

Dish are available in 2 sizes: 5-6 or 10-12 servings

We are happy to supply drinks too, just ask. We particularly recommend serving Turkish tea

The food is served ready to put on the buffet ,in high quality disposable serving dishes.

For an elegant touch, we will present all dishes in chic serving ware (porcelain-wood-pottery-silverware). Please get in touch for an estimate.

Warm items are delivered in proper ware, to be warmed either in microwave or oven with instructions.

We can also set-up, serve, supervise and tidy up for you. Tick the box when placing your order and we’ll give you a quote.

To get a tailor made quote for your perfect breakfast, please click here

o   Sunshine stories

Assortment of Breads (Rye, Sourdough Mountain Bread, fresh baguette, Turkish bread)

 Deli Cheese plate: Feta, cheddar,Swiss,goat

 Ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados

 Green leaves salad with pickled lemons

 Variety of olives

 Herb Feta cheese pita bread cups

 Baby spinach salad topped with almonds and Walnuts

Honey and jams

Eggs in sautéed tomatoes

Sunshine Stories "Turkish Breakfast"

We have the pleasure to serve you the world famous Turkish breakfast, very rich, health way to start day. It is a tradition to have  this delicious breakfast in a weekend day with friends , family and absolutely Turkish Tea.


Turkish tea is not only tasty but also healthy, rich with antioxidants and the perfect accompanying drink when chatting with friends and family. It’s traditionally drunk without milk, making it ideal for any guests who are lactose intolerant.

We take our tea very seriously and we source it from Black Sea coast .

There’s a wonderful ritual around preparing, serving and drinking Turkish tea, which we’d love to share with you. Please request if you would like traditional Turkish Tea.