Optimum Life

Optimum Life

My healthy optimum life follows these choices:

  • Always eat food that you are familiar with and that exists in the nature as a single substance. (Check your labels do not buy if you do not recognize the ingredient)
  • Try buying organic , when it is suitable for your budget.(Check the dirty dozen list for guidance)
  • Keep an eye on your digestion, check out your poo. It will tell you what is wrong. This is the first thing in your body that needs adjustment if something is wrong. Imagine the garbage truck is on strike , what happens to your house in four weeks?
  • Make eating a social gathering for your family. (No TV, Electronics , lots of talking and laughters)
  • Consider cooking as a hobby (pour a glass of Chardonnay , turn on your favorite song) discover new worlds, try new ingredients. Add herbs,spices and love to everything you cook!!
  • Try to stay away from refined ingredients but do not make it an obsession. Moderation is the key word.
  • Move, move , move…. Do a move , whatever you like, but exercising is the most vital element of all.
  • Express yourself !!!! Do not keep the negative  thoughts, feelings inside , express yourself in  the way you like: Write a journal, design jewelerry,  dance , meditate…..
  • LOVE !!! Vibrate with the feeling of Love … Kiss and hug your loved ones, look around to all the beauties and all your experiences with L O V E....

Three years ago, when we started to live in Vancouver I realized the life is changing for  us in many ways. In Istanbul we were blessed with variety of fresh fruits and vegetables,  fresh fish from Bosphorus, lots of friends and family members ,  warm and bright sunlight…Hey , so many things to adjust . Being in places like Wholefoods and seeing all these different names on the shelves, reading about trends like juicing, raw vegan eating  sounded to me really complicated. There was also no helping hand like family members or close friends. We need to sort out many things by our own , to feed and meet all the needs of two little girls. No wonder why everyone was carrying foods in boxes in their shopping bags. Life was too fast, too lonely and too busy to cook . Not only that , it was expensive too. In our daily life back in Istanbul at least two nights of week we were eating the fresh fish my husband caught from Bosphorus, a green salad and a vegetable dish beside it . The rest of the days we had legumes and other dishes mainly with vegetables. The same amount of fresh veggies here in Vancouver would cost us a fortune.

While looking for a new pathway for myself after 40 years of age , I ended up in IHN. The best place to learn more about food in this part of the world. I was always a food enthusiast , an eager cook  and was enjoying eating specially as a social gathering. Learning about healthier eating would be a great asset  and a perfect new profession for me .  Two years passed with lots of challenges. A lot of questioning and trials about new trends in healthier food world. Many of the things we are told and taught to be good for us seem to be not good anymore. I have questioned the traditions and habits of Turkish  cuisine which I still think to be a healthy one. After ups and downs , frustrations and glories I came a conclusion about what is good for me and my family:

Many of today's healthy food trends in the world, unless you need it for a health reason, are very radical. However ,there is a reason for it and maybe it is needed. Unfortunately the food industry did not treat people with consciousness and it is so messed up  .To clean the mess, some very radical changes needed. When obesity , metabolic diseases are on rise , and we know that it could be cured through the food choices , it could be the right way to follow the extremes .

The dilemma is many people become extremely tuned and obsessed with healthy food choices who  do not even need it. Extreme approaches are harmful for all aspects of life. We need the fun, pleasure and social aspects of food more than anything else in our lives.